Indian Wedding Venue and Date – Not the regular list of Venues.

In India, wedding venue and date are decided based on one criterion and that is “Availability”.You either fix the venue and wait for it to be available or fixate on a weekend wedding and wait for the venue to be available. There is another set of couples who get a tentative list of dates from an astrologer. Now if you are satisfied with the above-mentioned technique Stop reading, else continue further…There is absolutely nothing wrong with this method. But I read somewhere that

“Your Wedding venue is more than just a setting, It’s the place where memories are made.Set a date and let’s create magic”.

You need that memorable time and place to create magic. Possible Choice for Wedding Date:

  • The day you found your Mr/Mrs. Right.
  • The same date as your parent’s wedding day.
  • A festival day like Holi, Diwali, Chithirai Festival(When Meenakshi got married.)
  • A special day like Jan 1st, Feb 14th or Feb 29th(if you plan to get married in the leap year).
  • A particular season so that you can have a barish(Rain Dance) sangeet in your reception.If you Google ** Wedding Venues ** you might find this.

Wedding Venues

And if you Google ** Indian Wedding Venues ** you might find this…

Indian Wedding Venue

The picture speaks for itself. Now the Indian Wedding Venues I have discussed are quite offbeat. But there are some unique reasons for this list of Venues…


>If you are in Bangalore and met frequently in Malls coz the only thing Namma Bangalore is missing is the beach.Or if your better half is your colleagues and you met each other at the beach.

Wedding venue in bangalore

Orion Mall


> If it’s an Arranged Marriage then the place where you met your better half for the first time maybe a Temple. Traditional Temple wedding is my personal favorite. The vast history of the temple and the colors in the temple create a picturesque location.

Wedding venues in bangalore

Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple


>If your better half is your Childhood sweethearts or College Mates then you could request the college auditorium for a small function in the evening.


>A calm serene house or resort on the hilltop or near a beach for a romantic wedding.Or a FarmHouse which gives immense creative ideas for a wedding theme.

wedding venue

Manas Saran Photography

Your Hometown

>Going back to the roots. You could share your culture and Childhood memories with your better half, family, and friends on your big day.

Shelters/ Homes

>Spending your wedding day in Shelters/ Homes might sound out of the box. Think about the smiles that your presence could bring.


There saying in Tamil which goes like this…

 “Anbu than vazhakai.
Anbu sarthan vazhakaiy than unmaiyana Vazhakai”.
 Meaning, Love is life.A life based on love is the real way of life. If like our post share with your friends. If you don’t like our post share with your enemies.

Let us what is your Ideal Wedding Venue and Why in the comments below.