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I like to feature wedding services who are passionate about their work. Because Wedding is a celebration of a lifetime.The most difficult thing in life is living and livingly happily with your loved ones. Not to panic you but a lifetime of hapiness and sadness , a life full of ups and downs is life. And at times of difficulty only memories help us regain control. Nothing creates memories like Photos.

Here is one such memory captured by WeddingNama. The Underwater Proposal. The crown jewel That inspired me to feature WeddingNama as the Wedding Photography of the month on MadrasiBride read all about it here.

Over to WeddingNama

WeddingNama started a new trend in the wedding industry. A couple came to us saying that they wanted to do something unique for their ‘Save The Date’ and we came up with a photo+video shoot done completely underwater. It was shot in eight feet deep pool. A 40 feet canvas was created to hide the pool tiles and give it the feel of an ocean, professional cinema lights were used to give the magical lighting effect, can you believe that it was all shot on a rainy day in the monsoon season? Each and every prop used was custom made from scratch designed to stay underwater. A total crew of 35 people came together to make this happen. Took us more than 10 hours to execute the idea. The setup and production level was massive and totally worth it! See it to believe it.

Answers by our WeddingNama bride ‘Karishma’ about the underwater shoot below:

 1. Why did you go for such a video?

I: We wanted to do something different and we wanted this to be a memory we cherish for a lifetime. We had to think of something more than just a picturesque setting and WeddingNama came to our rescue with this fabulous idea. 

2. Where did you get the idea from?

 I: When we first met the WeddingNama team we were absolutely clueless about what exactly we wanted to do. We thought of a lot of different ideas for outdoor shoots and after a couple of meetings and brainstorming the idea was born. Vishesh instantly thought of proposing to me underwater. and why not? Haha. Of course, without WeddingNama the execution could never be more perfect. They are the backbone of this shoot, true perfectionists!

3. What is your video like, where was it shot, how many days….

I: Shooting the video was one hell of an experience. Ankita and Akash did a tremendous job researching about everything that goes behind such a shoot. They wanted it to look professional in every sense. The shoot looks like it has been actually shot in the middle of an ocean but in reality, it was shot inside an 8ft deep swimming pool. They set up a backdrop inside the pool, added lights and used various underwater cameras to capture every angle and organized for all the props needed. It took us almost 10 hours to shoot a one-minute pre-wed video. We were completely tanned and exhausted by the end of the shoot but that’s okay, it cannot be compared to with all the fun we had at the shoot. 

4. How was the experience shooting the video? 

I: Vishesh was completely enjoying shooting under the water. He loves swimming and did the job with ease. But for me, it was a little difficult swimming with a 60-inch long dress. I especially got it made for the shoot. It had almost 30 meters of fabric and to handle that much under water was a task. But Ankita and Akash made us feel really comfortable facing the camera and were absolutely patient with us. They knew what they wanted and after a lot of takes and retakes, we all managed to pull it off. Without WeddingNama this shoot wouldn’t have been the same. They are super dedicated and passionate about their work. They simply love what they do, their work says it all.

5.  How do you feel when you look at the video now? 

I: One year down the line, the compliments still don’t stop pouring in. We have been featured in various magazines and social websites. It is hard to believe we pulled it off. Every time we see the video we are taken back to that day when it all happened. Feels unreal, to be honest.

6. Would you recommend this to your friends?

 I: Definitely. It stays with you for a lifetime. Also, it is so much fun. Who doesn’t enjoy swimming?

Here are few Pictures from the shoot

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Video of the adventurous Underwater Proposal