A time travel to Charanya Arun Wedding

wedding venueEVP Rajeshwari Palace

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Brides dressOMG, Chennai

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plannerShoba Ravishankar

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A time travel into Charnya and Arun Wedding.This is a wedding story we loved writing and wanted it to be a surprise for Charnya on her Wedding Anniversary.

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Tell about your love story!

Arun found me through matrimony and we started talking to each other through Whatsapp -> Facebook -> Skype -> in person.🙂After 6 months when we knew that we were meant to be together we told our parents who were thrilled

Describe your wedding planning process.

It was a 3-day Brahmin wedding. Since my nakshatra is Karthigai we took Murugan’s vaganam(vehicle) as our theme.
From invites to decor to return gifts everything had Peacocks.

Let us about you wedding Invite?

We got a caricature of us drawn and designed the invite, for friends.For others, we had a peacock themed invite.

South Indian WeddingWe heard there was a surprise proposal! do tell us about that?

Arun proposed to me on the beach and had arranged photographer which I didn’t know initially. Even after seeing them I thought it was only photos. In the sangeet, they played the video as a surprise!!! (Scroll down for the proposal video)

Give us a detailed tour of your 3-day wedding.

So each event we had a different type of cuisine and we had dressed accordingly. There were over 22 different chefs who cooked throughout the 3 days.We also had a handmade Gollu display of all the rituals from the 3 days for ppl who didn’t know the rituals.

South Indian Wedding1. Veradham

Telgu style, yellow saree, breakfast was Andra style !! We had a crazy photo shoot after that We even stopped the van and got vegetable for the wedding and took pics with it.I entered the Veradham with a peacock fan.

 South Indian Wedding

 2. Engagement

This was Kanada style, Green saree, and Karnataka tiffin Arun’sfriendsa got me under a poo pandal for the first time and after changing the saree my friends got me in.

South Indian Wedding

3. Sangeet

North Indian style, Lehenga, North Indian cuisine and all women wore Anarkalis and men wore kurtas. It was a great day of dancing.Like the movie 3 idiots, I entered the hall in a yellow color Vespa.

South Indian Wedding4. Kasi yatra

Tamil style dressing with Tamil Nadu breakfast.All women in madisar and all men in Veshti(Dhothi).My entry was with a Tirupathi swami Kodai with peacock feathers.

South Indian Wedding 5. Muhurtham

My entry was in a peacock pallaku with all Arun’srelativess welcoming me with diya.
 South Indian Wedding

6. Vilayadal and nalangu

We had uri like what Krishna would do etc in this
 South Indian Wedding

7. Reception

Gown and Tux – Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American and Indian food.
Entry in a peacock chariot !!! With surprise fireworks from dad.
South Indian Wedding

8. Kattusadam

Kerala style, Half white, and Golden color clothes, with some lip-smacking Kerala food.
South Indian Wedding