15 Things you Shouldn’t ask your Indian wedding Photographer.

Featured Image: Gulzarsethi Photography

Since our last post was about Indian Wedding Photography click here to read the same  I wanted to include another post for all the questions that you shouldn’t ask your Indian Wedding Photographer. Not only because you may sound stupid for asking these questions, it’s just not right. Every profession deserves a recognition.

Leave in your comments below for those who need little more explanation So, here they are, all questions you should not ask your Indian wedding Photographer.

1. Decide your budget first thing.

Pre Wedding Shoot, Engagement Shoot, Pre Wedding Rituals Mehandi/ Sangeet Shoot, Wedding Shoot and the cinematic trailer as fancy and as they sound you need you be sure of your budget for the Photography/ Videography

2. When will I get the Photographs?

Usually within 45-60 days. But if you want the photo album for VISA purpose your photographer must be able to get you 10-30 Photos the very next day.

3. How much for this album? Can I get Canvera at Karizma price?

Apart from the traditional post card size Photos in Handmade Album, Canvera Album, Karizma Album and the Leather bound album, there are so many options each priced differently.Just because they are round in shape you cannot get Oranges for the prize of Apples.

4.  My Friend is a Photographer, can you assist him?

You paid the photographer and it is their job to give you the best results. Smile for your friends, but give your official photographer attention too.

5. Why is wedding Photography so expensive?

Wedding photography seems like easy money — work for one day and stack in the cash, right? But most full-time wedding photographers I know carry over 1.5lac worth of wedding gear and often work 50-60-hour weeks.

Add taxes, software, lens, advertising, albums, repair, shipping, and studio expenses, and many photographers end up making less than minimum wage for the first few years of their career.

6. Final Payment Day

The most common practice is to ask for full payment before the wedding day, so you shouldn’t be surprised. Some photographers ask for a final payment on the wedding day. It’s better not to try and negotiate your payment dates as it makes you look as if you have no funds. This might cause the wedding photographer to not take you on as a customer.
However, you can always discuss special arrangements with your photographer.

7. Can you take Photos in our Camera?

The photographer will be using the same amount of talent and putting in practically the same amount of time. This is like asking the chef to cook with your kitchen knife and utensils in a restaurant.

8. Can you make the bride look two tones fairer and change the Saree Color?

Well, they signed up to be your Photographer and not a makeup artist. You cannot get one for the price of two.You get what you pay for.

9. Can you photoshop particular photos to pick out my annoying cousin and add my friend in her place?

Well, that wouldn’t be quite possible but Surely, the photographer can do a bit of touch-up here and there. If you are looking for specific changes in a photograph, it may cost you money, and time for the photographer.

10. Please remove the watermark while posting on FB.

Most photographers get future projects through referrals.You see an exquisite wedding photo and would like to hire the same photographer for your wedding and having a watermark helps you identify them easily. A photograph is an artist’s work why don’t you give them the credit. If you are not willing to share the pictures on Social Media convey the same to your photographer.

11. Can you refer any other Photographer.

12. I will give referrals can you do my wedding Shoot for Free.
13. Can You Give Me A Discount If I Edit The Pictures Myself?
14. Can I have the RAW Files?

You may think that’s okay, but it is not the best of ideas. Why would you ask a professional for an unfinished product? That’s like asking an author to give you a rough draft of his and let you finish it.

15. I will pay only for the shots I like, If we don’t like why should we pay?

Finally, Trust their skills and let them take over this aspect of your wedding.

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