The Top 5 Wedding Flower Choices

Are you having trouble deciding on the flowers for your wedding? There are thousands of different choices after all, and you want your day to look and feel perfect. Event experts The Events Group put together this list of the top 5 wedding flower choices to give you some ideas on how to make your wedding even more special.


Roses are the quintessential wedding flower, considered to be symbols of love and beauty. The flower has long been used as a metaphor for love and – while it might be a little obvious – the rose is as beautiful and fragrant as any other flower out there. They don’t need to be red roses either, so you can still have some variety while going for the “obvious” choice. There are even unscented roses if you want to avoid overpowering smells. With so many different varieties of roses, there’s no harm in going the classic route.


Tulips are representative of happy years and consuming love, making them appropriate for a wedding. There are a range of colors available including pink, peach, yellow, red, purple, and magenta. Tulips are generally affordable, but you will have to pay a little extra for the really rare varieties. Tulips are versatile enough to work in any setting an in any permutation; whether they are being used as bouquets or table arrangements.

Calla Lily

The calla lily is a trumpet-shaped blossom also called the arum lily. It originates from Africa and, in the language of flowers, tells of magnificent beauty. The calla has a distinctive look that has been used as part of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and modern photography. There are two common types of calla lily; a variety with a large head and a smooth stem for tall arrangements, and the miniature version for boutonnieres and nosegays. This lily comes in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and a creamy ivory.

Lily of the Valley

The ball-shaped florets of the lily of the valley have earned it the nickname the “ladder to heaven”. These tiny flowers release an unmistakable scent that would be welcome at any wedding. The flower is linked to the Norse Goddess of springtime Ostara. While the lily of the valley is most prominently available during the spring, it can be found during the rest of the year. For a price. While you may want to have a handful of them at your wedding, it’s much more affordable to get a few stems here and there to boost the fragrance of a bouquet.


The peony comes with a large, full head, a bright color, and a strong perfume. Even though peonies are bright and showy, they were considered to represent bashfulness in Victorian England. The peony has been cultivated in Asia for millennia and developed by the French and is available in two main varieties. These are the herbaceous and the tree peony. There is no doubting the beauty of a pure peony bouquet. It can also be used to create stunning arrangements and centerpieces.


Even though peonies and lily of the valley are no doubt beautiful, they are also quite expensive. Use tulips or roses for a more affordable and classic look, or go for the calla lily to get something in the middle.