How to take care of your Designer Blouses?

How to care Designer Blouse?

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, which is why her main concern for the day is her designer blouse. It just has to be the best. But the thing that can become an issue is taking care of this rather expensive outfit after the ceremony is over. You cannot just wrap it up and store it away. Doing so will certainly spoil the delicate fabric and the embroidery.

Things required to care for your Designer blouse.

1.Sweat Pads

These are a real life saver to protect your expensive designer blouse.In any wedding function, you would be wearing the Designer blouse for not more than 6-7 hours. And the only area that could damage your designer blouse is underarm sweat.And these sweat pad helps in absorbing the sweat and keeps the fabric safe. And the best part is these peel off hence can be removed right away.

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2.Storage Bags

These are hassle free storage bags for your expensive designer blouse.It gives your wardrobe neat look and keeps your designer blouse clean and tidy

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3.Handy Stitch Kit

In case of emergency, it is better to have threads spools matching your designer blouse, a needle, some fabric glue and a scissor.

So here are some steps to help you care for your designer blouse.

Dry Cleaning

The first and the foremost step right after your wedding is to give your wedding dresses to the dry cleaners. Do not delay or postpone doing this.The more you delay, the higher are the chances of stains or spots becoming permanent on the outfit, especially the flower garland stains. Dry cleaning also seals the color of the fabric, preventing it from discoloration in the future.

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If you are planning to wear your designer blouse again on any occasion, you might have to iron it to remove creases. But while ironing at home, you need to be a little careful as high heat can ruin the delicate fabric and embroidery. Always set the temperature of the iron according to the fabric of the outfit. Before that turn your designer blouse inside out and do a small patch test on a corner. If you see any damage, then set the temperature at its lowest. If you want to iron without doing this, make sure you place a light fabric on the surface. It will absorb excess heat and also prevent the zari or any other embroidery from getting spoilt.

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Folding the wedding outfit correctly is very important. Wrong folds can damage the work of the designer blouse. Before folding, it is advisable to place sheets of tissue papers or soft fabrics between the folds so that the sequins, zari or any other embroidery does not rub against each other or get tangled. Also, keep changing the folds from time to time to prevent the fabric from tearing at the creases.


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Improper storage can spoil your outfit completely. Always wrap the outfit in an unbleached cotton cloth or muslin and store it in a place that is cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. If possible store the dress in a box made from acid-free materials. If you are storing it in a cupboard, make sure it is moth free.

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Final touch

Before you decide to wear your designer blouse again, check for any damage done to the outfit. There are chances that during the wedding ceremony a few stones or beads might have fallen out from the outfit or some other embroidery might have been damaged.

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Freshen Up

Every once in a while, take your designer blouse out from the box and let it get fresh air and sunlight. This way, the fabric will remain fresh for a long time.

Smelling good

Add some naphthalene balls, cedar oil balls or some pieces of cloves to the muslin cloth for your outfit to smell good always. This will also help keep your outfit away from insects.

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Get Help

If you are still clueless and worried how to keep your wedding outfits safe, there are agencies that help in packing and storing the wedding outfit in the right way.

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Just dumping the designer blouse will lose its charm.Like the designer blouse can be used with a plain saree or its saree can be used with another contrasting blouse to create all together a completely new outfit.This way you will be able to wear your designer blouse in multiple ways and remember those moments being nostalgic!

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Designer blouses are the oomph factor to your wedding wardrobe. Let us know how you are caring your designer blouse in the comments below.