Secrets Indian Wedding Planners don’t tell you.

Secrets Indian Wedding Planners don’t tell you.

Well, there are things that your Wedding planner won’t say to you.

Things wedding Don’t say while Planning your Wedding

1. We’ll go to great lengths to make sure your wedding is perfect.

Your wedding is our job and we’ll do everything to make it memorable, including multiple visits to the tailor for altering the designer blouse.

2. We don’t wear headsets and heels.

We know the importance of comfortable shoes. You say wedding Planner and people think this job is all about glitz and glamor. Well, We’re not Anushka Sharma.

3. Just because you planned your own destination wedding…

Doesn’t mean you can do our job better than us. Yes, you may have found lower rates on Goibibo, but you don’t have access to the contract and package perks that we can offer.

4. We have known each other only for 4 months?!

I cannot be spending my hard dissolving my balance for your wedding.So, can I get 50 percent upfront? And the final payment on the day of the wedding.

5. Flowers cost a great deal of money.

For the fact that they’re living things that are not manufactured by machines Likewise, they don’t jump into their stages for decoration!

6. As the muhurtha time is near and Thali (Mangalsutra) is tied

Common sense goes out of the door.Just because your wedding is over the job isn’t completed, there are vendors waiting for the payment.

7. This is a full-time job.

So on the big day, we are helping your third cousin get draped in the saree for which you are going to bargain later, making sure that the timelines are being met, food is ready to be served or dealing with any situations that arise, and the list goes on!

8. We feel like a counseling therapist

when we are forced to deal with family drama.Our insight is to be polite and respectful. Since we are a third party, We can bring neutrality to emotionally charged situations.

9. Sisters/Uncles/Aunties are tough to work with.

Often these people take their role very seriously and won’t trust our capabilities. But By the end of the wedding, we’re friends!

10. The secret sign I’m doing my job, right.

When you recommend our Wedding Planning service to your friends and family.

11. Make sure the things you spend money on can be reused.

Like the lengha, you got for your 5-hour reception. We could help you rent it out for others!!

12. We do a lot of outside work.

As the Wedding date approaches we stay back late hours working.People interested in being a wedding planner often don’t take that into consideration.

13. This career is occasionally glamorous

But the reality of is that you need to be a business person, a counseling therapist, an artist, a mediator, and a psychic!

14. We’ll make sure everything you’re offered is in the contract.

After your Engagement, if the Venue manager offers you a discount, get it in writing. If that manager leaves for whatever reason, you won’t be forced to argue about these details with his or replacement.

15. We are quick on our feet.

Once we had a situation where the car for Bride and Groom had to be decorated.But the Florist Decorator forgot it. Within few minutes we had the car decorated by gathering some flowers from the Mantap Decor and the ribbons that we had in our Stationery kit.

16. My job is to make sure you don’t have a big overkill.

Many caterers will cook 5 percent more than what’s required.After the wedding let us send the extra food to an orphanage or Shelter.

17. You get what you pay for.

The biggest mistake you can make is choosing the cheapest vendors in the hopes of saving money. Really research your vendors, because you truly get what you pay for.

18. I wish you’d respond to my phone calls.

… As quickly as you expect me to reply to yours.

Many planners have smaller packages available.This is a great option if you’ve already found your venue and booked few services but need help with logistics, design, etc.

The right Wedding planner would definitely save time and stress (which is priceless).