Scerects of Pre-Wedding Weightloss

Weight Loss seems to be the topic of the month.As it tops the list in New Year resolution.Weight loss and fast like siamese twins, it may appear so but are actually poles apart.No, neither I am going to lecture a bout the adverse effects of rapid weight loss nor the wise story of slow and steady wins the race.My best friends wedding no silly it is not a movie title, my best friends are getting married and I am the bridesmaid, I know its westernized what is not?A girl needs her any BFF any day and especially on her “D” day. Now my first job as the member of tribe bride is to motivate my bridedy in her pre- wedding weight loss, as I was in the search of the perfect motivational gift for her, I couldn’t find anything relevant. During the search, I have come across few very important cheats/tips for weight loss.I have jotted down them for all you future brides out there.Firstly

Be realistic.

I know everybody says this and I would like to add “The Babylon garden was not built in a day ” so darlings have a minimal, easily reachable goals so that you don’t lose your cool before the garden is complete.

Be sensible.

yes, one day of no workout is ok, Yes one-day cheat meal is ok.But No it is definitely not ok to say that you have ruined the whole plan and don’t wait for the next Monday.Don’t make the cheat day cheat you. Do what works for you.Over the years you might have tired everything in the book and you know the one trick that works for you, hold on to that magic spell of yours. 

Don’t Compare.

Yes your cousin looks pretty in the pink lengha and totally stole your thunder at the engagement.But she doesn’t have your….you know what she doesn’t have.So stop comparing yourself with others and stop checking the scales every day.

Be open to opinions, because of your in India.Even the Auto anna willl give you tips on weightloss on the way to gym. So be all ears to others opnion but EXECUTE your minds plan.  Then there are these sleeper cells whose unintentional actions sabotage your  Pinterest inspired Dream Wedding.

Sleeper cell #1

Your fiance, who with all the love and the pressure to impress you would have googled all the gifting site to send you the ******* chocolate bouquet for the

Sleeper cell #2

Mom I am going to miss your food.But you need not keep saying “Eat up all you can, while your here”, I mean yes am I going to my in-laws and not Mars.

Sleeper cell #3

Rest of the family: Chithi/Maasi I know its tradition for you to treat me a feast before the wedding, but I know waht you did during your wedding I was young not stupid I do remember stuff you know. Ans she would be like ” One day of cheating doesn’t matter”.

Sleeper cell #4

Friends :  Bachelorette Party!! Last “Single” day Party!! Your going to live with a boy for the rest of your life party!!pre-wedding party!!wedding shopping over party!! Nalla ah varuvinga de. And the sleeper cell head YOU.Yes you have to overcome all these without procrastination through perseverance. There are some fool proof teqniques in weight loss that might help you in the long run. I call it the life style change.

I call it the life style change.

Wake up early.
Breakfast is must.
Sipping water, sit down before drinking water.
Regular workout/Walking.
Early dinner.
Enjoy what you Eat.
After this new found gyaan, I should make you BFF wedding journey a memorable one and hence came up with the


Cick the image to Buy one. It contains :

Cotton Yoga Mat

imageThis was the best in my price range, I searched through many websites and ultimately found this.It give good support to knees and hands, very soft.I always prefer a dark color yoga mat so got the brown one.

Hand towels


imageWanted something with good Length & size.And a quality product. Color was exactly same as shown in the picture.

Copper Water Bottle

imageThis was really an eye catcher, the handmade design was so pretty.And heard water stored in copper water are good for health.

Organic Honey

imageI am always concerned about the quality of honey and sometimes avoid it due to this fear. But this seemed worth the try and was not disappointed.We even tired out some home test for purity and found it satisfactory.The packing was excellent.

Quirky Yoga Poster 

imageNow this something for fun.You always need something quirky and since my BFF is a Pug lover, this was just awesome, and she loved it the most.

Protein Bar

image  We have been partners in crime for a long time and know each others pluse very well.Good workout makes her crave something sweet and usually end up at the Gol Gappe stand right opposite the gym.This did stop her affair with gol gappe.We haven’t tired a protein bar before, Read reviews and tried this one. We liked the taste. And was a quick snack after workout.

Book on Yoga for Beginners By Luisa Turnip

image  My BFF is bookworm who loves reading anything.She is the kind of person who reads the Jio pamphlet before activating the sim. So had to get her a book on Yoga. It had a 3.6 rating in Goodreads.This is a quick guide for beginners! Just like title and it has good images. Hopefully, it will get you start easily!

Jute storage basket

imageYou have to definitely get an organizer for a person who is severely OCD.No not my friend me and you cannot make a hamper without a basket, this was a great find, though I loved the Mandal print couldn’t find that design and got this.