Savitha Weds Kishore

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Sangeeth- Manipal county 

Wedding – White feather 

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Gomtesh Upadhya

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Groom's Dress

Sangeeth- Manipal county 

Wedding – White feather 

Brides dress

Bride's Dress

Wedding- Silhouette’sboutique   

Reception – Sabyasachi

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Salma Mehendhi

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Silver Kum Kum Bowl

The Complete  Wedding Tale of Savitha Devraj Reddy with Kishore Reddy. We found Savitha’s wedding picture through a common friend on Facebook and she patiently detailed her wedding story for us.

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Tell about your love story!

I and Kishore know each other from past 4 years .., as we both are car lovers, we both had met in one of the car expo through our mutual friend. And our life chain went like Friends-date-love-“arrange marriage” 😁 Thus created a long-lasting relationship. One thing which I really want to share is, I always wanted to marry a guy who’s into politics, and when I met Kishore for the first time he was not a political activist, just because I had the wish, he turned out to be one of the recognisable politicians in just a year of time without anyone’s support 😊. Just loved his ability and caliber and fell in love with him more.

Describe your wedding planning process.

I got engaged in the month of Nov and married in the month of May. As I always wanted a big fat Indian wedding, I had great ideas and plan to execute it in my wedding, and my brother was my strength who just took the entire events in charge and made all my dream come true. 3 productions wedding planner, they were really awesome and they have the best quality team which shows in their work and they are been awarded as one of the top 10 wedding planners in Karnataka. I always wanted a fairytale wedding and they executed it very well in my reception and sangeeth and a traditional type muhurtham.

Let us about you wedding Invite?

My invitation was really unique and we were the first one to make such unique card. The invite was a photo frame in which our photo was there and behind that, there was leaf which consists of the wedding events and the invite was absolutely reusable. After wedding people throw the card but when it comes to my wedding people just replace our pics and use the frame by putting their picture and surprisingly I still see my invite to be there in everyone’s house with our picture as it’s been kept as a showpiece in everyone’s house.

Your Wedding blouse was absolutely gorgeous, How did come up with the design?

Every gal’s dream is to look unique, mesmerizing and dashing on her D day, and even I had the same thing in my mind. As my sis is a Fashion designer and she also runs her boutique in the name of “The Silhouettes Boutique” And she’s the reason behind all my beautifully designed outfits! Other than my reception lehenga, which I bought it from Sabyasachi. Rest all my outfits were designed from my sis itself and one thing I wanna share about my blouse is we were the first people to introduce the gold coin blouse, in my blouse we used pure silver coins with gold plating along with the silver nakash Lakshmi and the blouse was the talk of the town and I am happy to be the first one to wear such designer blouse.

Wedding jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, my mum has a great knowledge about jewelry designs and she got most of my jewelry customised in Navrathan jewelry as per her ideas.

Most Memorable gift you got for your wedding?

Most memorable moment- when my dad gifted me a Merc in which the no. Of the car was 1819, which was my wedding date. And at the same thing, my husband gifted me a car In which the no.of the car was 1905. As I am a car lover. I was so much in shock looking at the number boards number which consists of our wedding date and I was into tears that moment.

What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage?

The most memorable thing after my wedding is. I wanted to travel every month on 18th date as a month anniversary and explore new places and Kishore has just fulfilled my wish by taking me for the holiday every month and I have explored 11 countries In a year.

After Wedding Plans

We had been to explore Europe. And that was my dream to visit Europe with my love. So people who love to explore places and enjoy their honeymoon Europe is the best place especially Paris, Italy and Swiss.

When did you start planning for the Honeymoon?

Planned right after my engagement. Because visa process for European countries will take a lot of processes. So I advise people to plan it early so that you can fly as soon after your wedding.

Your advice to future couples who want to be there.

Plan and apply for the visa soon and go in the month of August.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

I would always advise all the grooms out there to first understand ur wife’s wish and dreams and then have a discussion planning. So that they can come up with a beautiful wedding plan as per the brides and grooms dream. But in my case, Kishore just asked m to plan everything according to my taste and wish and even his parents encouraged me for that.