Prop ideas that will beautify your pre wedding shoot

Pre-Wedding Shoot Prop Ideas . Featured Image Courtesy: Cupcake Productions.

The pre-wedding photo shoot is more popular nowadays. Pre-wedding photo shoot captures the moment of the love. It makes the moment more memorable and lively. They spend some quality time with each other during the shoot. The couples make several efforts such as hiring a photographer, choosing stylish outfits, shortlisting an ideal location etc for making their pre-wedding shoot creative, memorable and unique. It can be added in the wedding photo album or used to show off the best couple photography on the wedding day. There are tons of props you can use to make a great photo shoot. We are going to show 20 Pre-Wedding Shoot Props ideas. We have come with interesting props which are useful in making the pre-wedding photo shoot out of the world.

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Nobody can be uncheered with a Baloon. Balloons can add a distinctive touch to your pre-wedding shoot thus making it more vibrant. The colored tassels can also be filled inside the balloon. Using a bunch of regular-sized balloons will also create a good impact in the photographs.

Photo Courtesy: DkreatePhotography


You can use confetti and glitter as one of the props for your photo shoot. Usually, the blowing of confetti towards the camera is the best shot you can get. Make sure you have a couple of packets with you so that in case you goof up and don’t get the right shot, you can go again.

Photo Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

3.Colored Powder

Holi just went by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a holi pre-wedding photoshoot. Indian Weddings are all about colors and what better way to start the festivities than playing some holi with the soon to be better half.

Photo Courtesy: G+H Photography


You can think of any object to use as a pre-wedding photo shoot prop. Think about something with which you have memories attached to your loved one, and just use that in your photo shoot. It may be a coffee that you had with her during your first meeting. Coconut makes a great food prop for the pre-wedding shoot.

Photo Courtesy: Indian Photo Factory


If you want to add a fun element to your pre-wedding shoot then bubbles are a perfect choice for you. You will have amazing photos when you will blow bubbles. Blowing bubbles will also cherish all your childhood memories. Bubbles can also add a dreamy effect to the pics while looking cute and innocent.

Photo Courtesy: Neeta Shankar Photography

6.Spell out 

This prop is for spelling out the couple’s name or save the date.Strings can also be utilized in a pre-wedding shoot. You and your potential partner have to hold the string out together and look into each other eyes for having a beautiful photo. You can write your names, love quotes or wedding date on the string. You can also use scrabble tiles.

Photo Courtesy: Amit Pandey

7.Paper Crafts

This is a complete DIY option. If you have a creative streak in you, you can totally do this. All you need is a nylon string, some color papers, scissors, and tape. Use one weekend to make these strings, use it in any garden or a picturesque location, and after the photoshoot use the paper craft for your room decor.

Photo Courtesy: Shutter Down


It is also a great prop that you can use in your pre-wedding shoot. You can also have a Bollywood shots with an umbrella. The colorful umbrellas in the garden will allow you to gain stunning photographs. If you want then you can also throw confetti up in the air while standing under an umbrella and click some nice pics.

Photo Courtesy: Say Cheese Photography


The swing in the park, a DIY Swing with flowers, a see-saw all make a great pre-wedding prop if you want to bring out the happy childhood tone in your photos.

Photo Courtesy: Cupcake Productions

10.Bike/ Bicycle

Scooter or bicycle can also be utilized to add creativity to your pre-wedding shoot. You can go with autorickshaw ride to have outstanding photographs. You and your partner can also ride on two different bicycles and get clicked amazing pics.

Photo Courtesy: Wedding Kafe

10a. Cars/ Cart/ Boat

Photo Courtesy: Rehans Wedding Photography

11.Fairy light

If you are having a late evening pre-wedding shoot then sparklers are the perfect option for you. It looks pretty when there is a dark background and sparklers is the only source of light. You can ask your photographer if he can arrange long exposure shots featuring sparkler light-writing during night.

Photo Courtesy: Perfecct Clicks


Chalkboards are the simplest and most communicative props for a pre- wedding shoot. Be it the save the date or a quote like Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right.

Photo Courtesy: TheKnotz


This is a creative way of telling to save the date. Another interesting idea would be taking individual selfies and posing with the taken selfie.(sorry couldn’t find relevant pick for the same)

Photo Courtesy: Dream Tales Studio


Nothing says romance like a fresh bouquet of flowers. It’s romantic, classic and quite easy to work with in a pre-wedding photo shoot.

Photo Courtesy: Siritha Wedding Planners


This is the perfect use of Dupatta in a pre – wedding shoot. If you are the filmy romantic type you could also have a flowing dupatta shot.

Photo Courtesy: Chetan Gujar Photography


One of my favorite go to props is frames. They can be used in photo booth section, as pre-wedding props or even post wedding in your home decor. It’s one of the most versatile props to make use of.

Photo Courtesy: Wedding Raja


I often see brides obsessed over what to do, what to wear, what props to use etc. But we sometimes just miss out the awesomeness that’s right in front of us, just like this beautiful season. It’s the season of love, flowers blooming everywhere, the leaves looking their absolute best…its the best backdrop you can ask for. Or your native home with a courtyard you played in your childhood.

Photo Courtesy: WEDENGAGE


The cutest prop by far has to be bringing your pets into the frame. They instantly add volumes to the cuteness factor of any pre-wedding photoshoot. So if you have a pet of your own, you’re sorted. But if you don’t, try and see if you can get a friends pet and the friend to tag along for your photo shoot.

Photo Courtesy: Nicki Furtography

19.Funny Sign props

I recently came across this pre-wedding photoshoot, and this picture was the cutest photo I have seen in a while.  playing with a funny sign is the new best fun option for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Guaranteed you and your hubby to be are going to have a ton of fun.

Photo Courtesy: J’studios Brand/Event/photography


Engagement rings, the symbol of couple’s vow of eternal love, make a great shot in the wedding album. These photographs will always remind a couple of their bond and commitment. You can click many incredible pics with rings.

Photo Courtesy: Knots & Rings

What other props have you used / would like to use in your Pre-Wedding Shoot? Let us know in the comments below.