Pre-Wedding Shoot Pose Ideas

Featured Image Courtesy: DKreate Photography

Pre-Wedding photo Shoot is all about getting to know each other. A couple’s story is etched for eternity in print. As much overwhelming as it is posing for a camera may be equally stressful.Pre-wedding photo shoots are something that every couple must opt for. It’s that perfect phase in your life to capture the romance, the love that makes you dance. So before you go capture your special bond forever, take a look at these poses that are a must for every Pre-Wedding photo Shoot. Few Photographers go by the hour charge and having such a checklist will help you save time and money. The best way to make sure you don’t regret having the wedding shots you want is to have a Pre-Wedding must have photos checklist.You need a list of Pre-Wedding Photography Poses.

Now that you decided on the location and dress that is needed for the pre-wedding shoot make a checklist for the poses as well. Here are the list of Pre-Wedding photo Shoot poses:

1. Arms around the neck.

2. Hand on Cheek.

Picture Courtesy: Robini Saini

3. Hands on Chest.

Picture Courtesy: Studio Vaibhava

4. Head on Shoulder.

5. Arms from Behind.

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Kafe 

6. Arms around the waist.

Picture Courtesy: Simply Push

7. Only the girl Looks.

Picture Courtesy: Wedding Documentary + Cinema

8. Whispering secret.

Picture Courtesy: Vijay Sharma Photography

9. Being Silly.

Here is what the Photographer had to say about the Picture:

“My style of Pre Wedding Couple Shoot is to Capture the real Love chemistry of the love birds, instead of posing them. I told them to be on their own and enjoy their time with each other so that I can capture their “Love Chemistry”. I do not pose the couple if I can manage. Some couples do need to be posed though. But Suvidha and Rachit perhaps forgot that I was around and clicking them. And this moment happened between them. I found it cute and loving, and this shot made way to my selected ones.” -Soumen

Picture Courtesy: Soumen Nath Photography

10. Forehead Kiss.

Picture Courtesy: Rushitambe

11. Cheek Kiss.

Picture Courtesy: Ramit Batra

12. Cross Legged.

Picture Courtesy: Creative wedding Photography 

13. Walking/ Running.

Picture Courtesy: Photobooth9 

14. Swept off the feet.

15. Creative.

Picture Courtesy: Axioo Photography

16. Multiplicity.

17. Story Telling.

18. Dip.

Picture Courtesy: Avenue Blu3

19. Lifting.

Picture Courtesy: Click it Studio 

20. Holding Hands.

Picture Courtesy: Bhalaje Photography

21. Swirl.

Picture Courtesy: Rishabh Agarwal Photography

22. Silhouette