Your guide to Choose The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing a Wedding Venue

The wedding venue is a big deal. It’s expensive. It sets the tone. It’s like the  “sauce” in the sub sandwich.The most frustrating part of finding a venue is the initial research. Much like the college application process, venues and their websites are all completely different. They offer a variety of information in various places, and sometimes they don’t offer any information at all. Try not to get too frustrated by this. If you can’t find answers on a venue’s site, use the spreadsheet comprising of the below-mentioned item and reach out with your questions by visiting them or Phone number.

Spreadsheet of Wedding Venue

  • Name & Location of Venue

  • Capacity:

Make sure the capacity fits your event. It may be a Small Sangeet or Cocktail Party or an engagement ceremony. Pick a venue based on the event.

  • Availability:

Check if the venue is available on your wedding day.

  • Rates:

To see if the venue falls under your budget.

  • Website:

You can easily go back and remind yourself with photos on the venue’s site.

  • Restrictions:

Does the website list any major restrictions, such as a definite end time, that would affect your decision?

  • Parking/Transportation:

Make any notes regarding free parking, public transit access, or other transportation considerations.

  • Caterer:

See if they have restrictions on catering, such as an in-house caterer. Do they allow non-Vegetarian Cusine? The cooking area etc

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a Wedding Venue from the Spreadsheet.

  1. Where is it located?

  2. Can I afford this venue?

  3. Is this venue available on the date that I want?

  4. Does this venue’s capacity fit my estimated guest list?

  5. Does this venue have any catering restrictions?

  6. What are the other Facilities provided here?

  7. Are there nearby accommodations for guests?

  8. Are tables, chairs, and other essentials provided?