What Mom Never Told You About Groom’s duty in an Indian Wedding

Featured Image: Sanoj Kumar Weddings are made out to be so women-centric that many a time, the groom in Indian Wedding would be totally ignored during the run up to the wedding. The woman is busy choosing her bridal outfit, trying the wedding makeup at different places while you are sitting and wondering what the fuzz is all about! Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and sharing everything equally is one of the basic concepts of this beautiful relationship.They always talk about how the beautiful and otherwise calm lady turns into a monstrous Bridezilla before the occasion. That’s probably because the groom isn’t paying much attention to the event as much as she would like him to.

There was a time when Indian weddings did not demand too much from the groom or his family – all they needed to do was to turn up. But with changing times, the groom has also become an equal participant in the Indian wedding preparations and is at the same time is spending time preparing himself for the big day. So what does the Indian wedding checklist for a groom look like? Below listed is a checklist for all those GOOD GUYS who want to share some burden of their lady love:

The Big Three

Help the bride with the guest list making or Make a list of your own and talk it out with the bride. Just give a rough figure as it decides the overall cost of the wedding like Venue, Invitation, Catering  etc. The date,  finalize the wedding date usually a list of dates are given by the family priest and you just need to finalize on a date.And finally the venue, Wedding Venue is one of the biggest overhead in an Indian Wedding today, and it is usually the bride’s side that bears this burden. Sharing the cost or pitching in would be nice.

Apply for leave

We Indians are known for our festivities and an Indian Wedding is one of the elaborate function. There is a three-day Nalungu, Wedding, Reception and Honeymoon Trip and many more rituals. so be prepared for all and apply for leave in advance.

Curb the Sarcasm

While you have it easy, she has a new part-time job(planning the wedding). At least pretend to be excited about the dress or Decor, and be thankful that she’s handling so much of the dirty work.

Pick your outfit

Dressing up for weddings needs to be something that one is comfortable. For Indian Groom’s there are so many options from Sherwani, Indowesterns, Dhoti Suits to the Kurta Suits, waistcoat sets, simple short kurta for other wedding ceremonies for him and other men too. If one thinks that the bride gets the larger share of the attention, they are wrong! Every pair of eyes will follow you on your wedding day, so make sure that your wardrobe is up to it and that you don’t disappoint with your classy yet cool style.

Pampering Rituals

Who says that it is only women who need to visit the spa and salon in the months preceding the wedding? Men equally need pampering in order to ensure that their skin and hair is in perfect condition on the day of the wedding. Don’t forget to add a couple of spa sessions in your wedding checklist for they will certainly help you relax as you gear up for the wedding.


These days, men are about as fashion forward as women and indulge in retail therapy from time to time, both to pamper themselves and also to keep their wardrobe up to date. So it almost becomes mandatory for you to add shopping to your Indian wedding checklist in order to be well-prepared for the biggest day of your life so far. New shoes, Indian footwear, handkerchiefs, tees, shorts, personal care products and a whole bevy of things if you are leaving for your honeymoon immediately after. The list will be long and would need a few days of your time, so reserve a weekend for this activity.


You need to be in ship shape as you take your wife’s hand during the wedding. This would mean intense training in the gym as soon as you are engaged – giving you enough time to deal with problem areas. In fact, many men ignore this aspect while making their checklist since they include only physical items on the wedding checklist. We urge you to sign up at your nearest gym and start exercising to build your stamina and fitness levels.

Gift for the bride

Surprise Her With A spa appointment or flowers, or dinner and remember it is not the gift that matters it is the thought of giving.


Talk to your fiancee about setting up a new house together, what are her expectations, what she can pitch in with etc. Rent a house appropriately. Buy appliances like mixer, fridge, TV and washing machine which you will use on a daily basis. If you might receive any of them as a gift during the wedding, put off your purchase until after marriage.

Inviting your Ex

Simply, do not waste your time over split milk. If it was meant to happen it would have happend. You have moved and found the person to spend the rest of your life. Now there is no point in showing it off to your Ex.

Learn Some Household chores

Sharing is Caring and it is high time the man gets his equal share in household chores. It will not only earn you pleasing points with your fiancee but you are setting an extraordinary example for gender equality.

Bachelor Party

Accepted your getting married that doesn’t mean it is your last day on earth. Having fun and party is totally understandable but anything limitless is dangerous.

Plan the Honeymoon

While the bride is busy running behind her dream wedding, an ideal way to impress her would be to take on the honeymoon planning. Whether you are leaving immediately after the wedding or after some time, it helps to add the honeymoon to your Indian wedding checklist and work on it after consulting with your bride-to-be and finding out if she has any destinations in mind. Aside from this, try to pitch in and contribute to smaller arrangements like meeting the wedding guests or carrying the fiancee’s shopping bags while she is stressing herself out shopping. Trust me, it is going to earn you good points that will come in handy when you start your married life!