Flower Power flower Jewelry for mehandhi

Flower Jewelry for Mehandhi is an age tradition in Indian Weddings. Kundan Jewelry for Engagement, Gold Jewelry for Wedding and Diamonds for Reception. Now you need something unique for the Haldi and Sangeet ceremony.Fear, not flowers and pearls are here for your rescue.

Planning a Mehendi is like a small wedding. You have the Mehendi Decor, Dress, Flower Jewelry(Flower Jewelry in Chennai), Food, Entertainment, Mehendi Artist(Best Mehendi artists in Chennai).So let’s start planning your Mehendi!!!

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Why should you wear Flower Jewelry?

  1. Be it the Haldi (Noth Indian Nalungu) or Sangeet (Mehendi) the bride would be sitting for a long time and must not feel any discomfort during the functions. And These lite weight Flower jewelry helps a lot.
  2. There could be chances of Haldi or Mehandhi strain on your jewelry so it is better to have Floral Jewelry.Flower jewelry
  3. If at all you are planning an outdoor Haldi or Mehendi ceremony, then definitely flowers pop the area.
  4. They come in a variety of designs and can be customized just the way you want.
  5. Finally, Flowers are Pretty!!!

Things to keep in mind for floral jewelry

  • There are three types of flower ornaments: Fresh flower jewelry which needs to be worn the same day, dry flower jewelry and Gota Jewelry which can be preserved over time.
  • Flower jewelry should be worn as a pop of contrast to your outfit rather than blending in with your colors.
  • You should also keep in mind the type of neckline and outfit you are wearing when ordering jewelry.
  • You can combine flower jewelry with other ornaments like beads, pearls, little tukdis of Kundan etc
  • It is best to place your order at least 10 to 15 days in advance, to give your designers plenty of time to prepare
  • TheFlower jewelry is made free size, one doesn’t need to worry about measurement trials.

Also, here are some ladies who inspired us by accessorizing with Flower jewelry at their wedding ceremonies.

Flower jewellry







Different options in floral jewelry

Floral jewelry comes in a wide variety of styles and you can get whatever you want. The usual set includes a pair of earrings, necklace, maang tikka, bracelet, and anklets. But if you also want something extra, such as an armlet, bangles,hipbelt, you can always ask for it from your jewelry provider. If you want to be really creative and different, you can even go for a floral dupatta or lengha!

Types of flowers used in floral jewellery

The type of flowers used to make floral jewellery generally depends on your choice and the colour of your outfit. Usually, all types of flowers are used to make floral jewellery. However, it is easier to make jewellery out of small flowers rather than the large ones. Roses, orchids, carnations, tuberose and jasmine flowers are some of the most popular types of flowers used for making this type of jewellery.






Spread the magic and beauty of flowers in your wedding occasions.