How to avoid Family drama in Indian Wedding?

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From mom pressuring you to lose weight or not inviting a family member to your wedding to dealing with angry sister in laws… this is our take on How to handle family drama in wedding planning? Or How to avoid Family drama in Indian Wedding?


My dad’s friend’s daughter got married 6 months ago and he is free to help in planning my wedding.

OR “My Sister’s friend’s Cousin’s Aunt has done other wedding and is planning my wedding.

Show me one person who hasn’t regretted the intervention of Uncles in hiring the caterer, Cousins in choosing the designer blouse or makeup artist or Aunties in performing the rituals.

Well, the help is very much appreciated in the wedding planning.Remember this is the free help and you cannot be instructive on the outcome…

For Example:

1. The Pandha Kaal (Murutha Kamba) is usually placed a week before the wedding. The planning for the same would involve material, Labor, Decoration with either Flowers, Lights or both.Pooja items for the installation(sthapana).You will have to find a person for each work. Your father may constantly argue about the wedding expenses.

2.Coordinating the transportation during the wedding.Your father would ask the driver to come at 5 PM.Your grandmom would insist on leaving before the Rahukalam.You would be struggling to drape your saree for the Mantap.Your mother may constantly talk about the wedding planning, relationships with the groom or his family, or decorating your home.She may be experiencing a revival of her own fantasies of the perfect wedding.

3. The Groom’s salary, Your (Bride’s) Jewelry, Mantaps’s Decor and everything will be forgotten but the food will be remembered even in your grandson’s wedding.Food is an important entity in an Indian Wedding and this is where you the Bride is least bothered because you don’t get to savor the special meal on your most important day.

‘Do you cater weddings?’ Why the groom is never put in charge of anything.

4.The pressure in finding the right dress for you and a matching one for the groom might the most important thing for a bride.Or the perfect photograph to upload on Facebook.

Well, you need not worry about the aforementioned situations and You can just relax and enjoy your wedding stress-free when you hire a Wedding Planner.But there is just one thing you need to make sure and that is…

Finding the right Wedding Planner for You.

How to handle family drama in wedding planning.

Talk it out.Say it aloud.

People think speaking about a situation will create heighten the problem,

but the opposite is true. If something is bothering you in the wedding planning talk about it openly. For instance, you might have a planned for a Wine red Silk Saree for your Marriage but your in-laws might have a tradition of wearing a Cotton Saree for the wedding ceremony. Now talking about this with your future in-laws would be helpful, You wouldn’t feel depressed/ jealous of not having a Silk Kanjeevaram while your sister gets one for her wedding.

Train your Tone.Be polite.

Instead of saying to your fiance, I hate your mother, you could try ” I need you to talk to her, This is a painful situation for me, and I need your help”. It’s the difference between asking someone to help and demanding that they execute what you need. Pick battles wisely, and ignore some of the things that can’t be changed.It wouldn’t be a wedding with out a little wedding drama!

Don’t lose your humor.Be Happy

If you can hold onto your sense of humor when all those around you are losing theirs, you might just have the time of your life. As sarcastic as it sounds, having a sense of humor might actually help you in the Wedding.Sometimes the best defense is a smile, a hug, and a thank you.Your parents and relatives will not change overnight, but you can use little politeness, humor to change your behavior around them.

Indian Weddings cannot function without this family unit.

Do you have other ideas to handle family drama in your Indian Wedding Planning? Let us know in the comments below.