Big Wedding or Small Wedding- Helps you decide your wedding budget

Featured Image: Makka Studios.  Before you can plan your Wedding, you need to know what type of wedding is right for you.Are you thinking in terms of a traditional, elegant, classic or filmy wedding?Deciding the overall style of the wedding will help you make all the planning decisions such as dress, caterer, decor and so on. Can’t decide the Wedding Budget? Can’t decide whether you want a big or small wedding. We can help you make that decision, with this quiz.
No, you can’t this ain’t a Facebook app Quiz that will tell your wedding style. For instance, you cannot ask a Madrasi bride these questions…

What is your wedding Style?

Duh!! If she knows the answer to this, Why would the bride need this quiz?

What is your dream wedding location?

Obviously, my city where all my friends and family are. My dad ain’t Rajinikanth so that all my wedding guests can fly in for my destination wedding.

How big a wedding do you want?

Big enough to fit my Pinterest boards.

Type of dress for your wedding?

I have three options in mind. Saree, Saree, Saree.(Do we have a choice?)

Which season do you want to get married?

No specific season, just a weekend Muhurtham would be good so that we need not apply for paid leave.

To quote Arjun Kapoor from @ states…
“Boy loves Girl.Girl Loves boy. They get married.
In India, there are few more steps.
Boy loves Girl.Girl Loves boy.
Girl’s family has to love the boy.
Boy’s family has to love the Girl.
Girl’s family has to love Boy’s family.
Boy’s family has to love Girl’s family.
Girl and Boy still love each other
they get married.”

Your wedding involves so many people.You have to be clear as to what kind of wedding you want.Here is a list of pros and cons that help you make a better decision.

Big Wedding

  • No need to prioritize your guest list.
  • More the merrier.
  • Fairytale, Dreamy wedding that could create a mark in the guests.
  • Higher Cost.Could burn a whole in your pocket.
  • Guests will include Family, Friends, and colleagues.
  • There are bills after the wedding. You got to run a family with the big wedding loan.
  • Need to stand for a long time in the designer lengha.

Small Wedding

  • Easy and cost effective to Organize.
  • Your wedding will be more intimate.
  • DIY wedding projects.

  • Must be selective in choosing your guests.
  • Some may be disappointed that they didn’t get invited.
  • The regret of not having an upscale wedding.
  • Fewer Guests meaning fewer gifts.

There is no boundary for creativity, you can have a Bollywood style Sangeet with small Beach wedding or a Traditional, Temple wedding. A Register marriage with intimate friends and family.Followed by a lavish Reception. Its’s all Permutation and Combination. Now that you have decided what type of wedding you want. There are some people you need to handle.




Mother In Law




Best Friends


At the end of the day, it is your wedding.And all these are your memories.You decide what kind of memory you want to carry forward.This one decision will alter so many equations among your relationships.

Customizing your wedding can be stressful, painful burdening, hurting. But at the don’t lose the essence of the whole process. It’s like saying operation successful but the patient died. A wedding is the path, for a life long journey. Don’t hurt one another in the process.

No bride has ever said my wedding was perfect.But you can definitely say I have no regrets in my wedding.

Let us know what kind of wedding you would prefer and why? in the comments below.