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How to care Designer Blouse?

Every bride wants to look like a princess on her wedding day, which is why her main concern for the day is her designer blouse. It just has to be the best. But the thing that can become an issue is taking care of this rather expensive outfit after the ceremony is over. You cannot just wrap it up and store it away. Doing so will certainly spoil the delicate fabric and the embroidery.

Things required to care for your Designer blouse.

1.Sweat Pads

These are a real life saver to protect your expensive designer blouse.In any wedding function, you would be wearing the Designer blouse for not more than 6-7 hours. And the only area that could damage your designer blouse is underarm sweat.And these sweat pad helps in absorbing the sweat and keeps the fabric safe. And the best part is these peel off hence can be removed right away.

If you are looking to buy one just click on the images right away.

2.Storage Bags

These are hassle free storage bags for your expensive designer blouse.It gives your wardrobe neat look and keeps your designer blouse clean and tidy

If you are looking to buy one just click on the images right away.

3.Handy Stitch Kit

In case of emergency, it is better to have threads spools matching your designer blouse, a needle, some fabric glue and a scissor.

So here are some steps to help you care for your designer blouse.

Dry Cleaning

The first and the foremost step right after your wedding is to give your wedding dresses to the dry cleaners. Do not delay or postpone doing this.The more you delay, the higher are the chances of stains or spots becoming permanent on the outfit, especially the flower garland stains. Dry cleaning also seals the color of the fabric, preventing it from discoloration in the future.

Designer Blouse design


If you are planning to wear your designer blouse again on any occasion, you might have to iron it to remove creases. But while ironing at home, you need to be a little careful as high heat can ruin the delicate fabric and embroidery. Always set the temperature of the iron according to the fabric of the outfit. Before that turn your designer blouse inside out and do a small patch test on a corner. If you see any damage, then set the temperature at its lowest. If you want to iron without doing this, make sure you place a light fabric on the surface. It will absorb excess heat and also prevent the zari or any other embroidery from getting spoilt.

Designer Blouse designs

Picture Courtesy: Eden Studio


Folding the wedding outfit correctly is very important. Wrong folds can damage the work of the designer blouse. Before folding, it is advisable to place sheets of tissue papers or soft fabrics between the folds so that the sequins, zari or any other embroidery does not rub against each other or get tangled. Also, keep changing the folds from time to time to prevent the fabric from tearing at the creases.


Designer Blouse design


Improper storage can spoil your outfit completely. Always wrap the outfit in an unbleached cotton cloth or muslin and store it in a place that is cool and dry, away from direct sunlight. If possible store the dress in a box made from acid-free materials. If you are storing it in a cupboard, make sure it is moth free.

South Indian Wedding

Final touch

Before you decide to wear your designer blouse again, check for any damage done to the outfit. There are chances that during the wedding ceremony a few stones or beads might have fallen out from the outfit or some other embroidery might have been damaged.

Designer Blouse design


Freshen Up

Every once in a while, take your designer blouse out from the box and let it get fresh air and sunlight. This way, the fabric will remain fresh for a long time.

Smelling good

Add some naphthalene balls, cedar oil balls or some pieces of cloves to the muslin cloth for your outfit to smell good always. This will also help keep your outfit away from insects.

Designer Blouse design

Get Help

If you are still clueless and worried how to keep your wedding outfits safe, there are agencies that help in packing and storing the wedding outfit in the right way.

Designer Blouse design


Just dumping the designer blouse will lose its charm.Like the designer blouse can be used with a plain saree or its saree can be used with another contrasting blouse to create all together a completely new outfit.This way you will be able to wear your designer blouse in multiple ways and remember those moments being nostalgic!

Designer Blouse design

Picture Courtesy: Sethu Photography

Designer blouses are the oomph factor to your wedding wardrobe. Let us know how you are caring your designer blouse in the comments below.

Which is better for investment for newly married couples 2018-01-06T14:26:17+00:00
With marriage comes in a great deal of responsibility. Adulthoods major vision is towards investment. The only safest options we have known since times immemorial are the investment on Gold or Fixed Deposits. So, now which of them is best?Let us hear it from the industry experts…

Which is better for investment, gold or fixed deposits?

Choosing between gold and fixed deposit is one of the toughest things that an investor has to deal with as both are good investment options that promise massive returns over a period of time. However, when it comes to choosing one over other, experts believe that one must invest in fixed deposits and not go for hard gold if one does not require hard gold in future.

Many people in the country are also unaware of the fact that buying gold from the bank and from mutual funds are two different things. No bank would be willing to buy back the gold or the bullion you’ve purchased from there. The only option you are left with in this case is to sell the gold to your jeweler or convert it into an ornament which you can use yourself or gift to someone. Investing in gold is a luxury, not an investment as per some experts. But let’s suppose, you are saving the gold for a wedding in your family, in that case, you can invest in gold systematically before the prices go up significantly.

On the other hand, you can consider investing in gold through Gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) or Funds of Funds (FoFs). ETFs are similar to stocks but you need to have a DEMAT account to invest in them. Also, a few experts believe that investing in ETFs comes with greater risk probability and unpredictable returns. Alternatively, FoF is similar to mutual funds that invest in certain Gold ETFs. Since FoFs are professionally managed by fund managers, the returns there are quite predictable and involve less risk as compared to ETF but the returns in FoFs are generally less since there the expense of fund managers is accounted for.

Coming to the comparison between gold and fixed deposits, it is always good to invest in bank fixed deposit schemes for the reason that they are safe, free from risks and deliver assured returns too. Fixed deposit interest rates are also higher when compared with the savings account. Investing in a fixed deposit is lucrative when it is done with a long-term perspective. Most people invest in more than one FD  with different tenures and which are meant for different purposes.

Fixed deposits are flexible in nature. They can be opened for a minimum of 7 days and can go as high as 10 years depending on the choice of the investor. Money from the fixed deposit can be withdrawn by paying the penalty amount to meet urgent financial needs such as a wedding, medical emergency or a business loss.

The interest earned on the fixed deposit investment is paid at different intervals including monthly, annually and even wholly, at the time of maturity. Therefore it is up to the investor which term he/she chooses. The monthly and the annual interest payments serve as the extra income for the investor and hence can reinvest for higher benefits at maturity. When you are investing in fixed deposits, you must create FDs with different providers so that at the time of emergency, you break any one FD and others remain intact for further use.

With physical gold, on the other hand, whenever you plan to sell it, you will have to ideally take it to the same jeweler you bought the gold from. If you take it to another jeweler for reselling, he/she is likely to reimburse you the gold’s cost only after deducting 10% of the cost of gold ornament. A further deduction is possible by the jeweler if the gold doesn’t have a hallmark (i.e. a certificate from a government authorized center mentioning the gold’s purity). Also, your investment on your gold ornament is dependent on the rise in the market. If for example, the gold prices drop, which knowing the history of gold rates may be an unlikely circumstance, your gold ornaments will be devalued. This is not the case with FDs which will earn you interest on your investment no matter what.

Moreover, with gold, its market rate varies from one city to another as the various jewelers’ associations determine the gold rate through their own methodology and so you will have to keep that in mind too as in some city the gold rate may be less than the gold rate in any other city. You may find the gold rates in various cities including about gold rate in Kerala through various websites on the internet and other public platforms.

Conclusively, when it comes to choosing between buying gold and fixed deposits, the latter seems to be the better investment option. Not only FDs inculcates the habit of saving, but also offers good returns on investment. Gold, on the other hand, can be a good investment if you want to hold on to gold ornaments. Exchanging gold for money will be a tough and time-consuming task altogether. However, to reiterate the disadvantages, as every solution has one, FDs can’t be broken without paying a significant penalty.

Akanksha Arora’s wedding the 7 year old tale 2018-01-22T20:59:22+00:00

All wedding stories are a treasure. There is a  lot to learn from the Wise Bride. If you wish to spill you wise wedding tales fill in this form.

Basic Wedding Day Details

We got married in Chandigarh on November 18th, 2010 at Hotel Mountview. My name is Akanksha Arora. I was born in a Punjabi Family, basically from Saharanpur but brought up in Delhi and Chandigarh. I got married to Pranay Sharma who is a Brahmin, born in Ajmer but Brought up in Delhi & Indore.

Tell us about your love story!

We first met at our dental school in Indore when we were 18 and still kids. It all started with friendship, then best friends and today after 14 years since we first met we are parents to a 4-year-old little man. From day one I just knew he is the one.We were and we are completely different people but as they say being different balances it all.

Recap your big day for us.

My big day was very special as it is for every other girl.There were mixed emotions. I was happy was that finally I was getting married to my best friend of 7 years but at the same time there was a very part of my heart which was sad about leaving my parents and siblings.


Groom’s Wedding Attire
His wedding attire was a sherwani in Gold and It was customized in Indore.
Bride’s Wedding Attire
My wedding attire was a mix of red, green and gold. I always wanted a red lehnga for my wedding as it’s considered to be the color for any auspicious occasion.
Bride’s Reception Attire
I wore a beautiful brick color saree for my reception which was given to me by my Mother In law.
Bride’s Jewelry
The jewelry I chose was Kundan which I bought from an exhibition in Chandigarh but unfortunately, I had to change it very last minute.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Honeymoon Destination

After the wedding, we went to beautiful Pattaya and Bangkok for our honeymoon. I think Thailand has a lot to offer. From beaches of Pattaya to beautiful temples of Bangkok and it’s pocket-friendly too.It’s a fabulous place for Honeymoon.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

I would advise every Bride and Groom to take things easy. It is the most special day of their lives and yes, wedding planning can be very overwhelming leading to a lot of anxiety but sometimes we miss on to a lot of things because of that anxiety.Everything falls into place eventually and so do every wedding planning. Another advice would be that there is always an option and alternative for expensive things we have in mind so never hurry up and always look for options.

If you could change one thing in your wedding planning what would it be?

If I could change one thing in my wedding planning it would be Photography.I Love the concept of pre-wedding and wedding photo shoots these days.



What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage?

Marriage is beautiful.It’s amazing how one day changes your life forever but then you have a friend for life to share your ups and downs with. Someone who is always with you through your thick and thins. what surprised me the most was that I accepted it all very easily, much more than I thought that I would.

Any Special thoughts you would like to share with our Brides…

I would like to tell all the Brides to Enjoy and Live these most beautiful days of their wedding as they are going to cherish these memories forever.Look forward to making more beautiful ones because you are about to enter a very special phase of your life.You’ll go through life.t of mixed emotions during this time but in the end, when you’ll look back at these memories they’ll bring a big smile on your face.



A time travel to Charanya Arun Wedding 2018-01-06T13:10:34+00:00

wedding venueEVP Rajeshwari Palace

grooms dressOMG,Chennai

Brides dressOMG, Chennai

wedding makeupMake Up Noor

plannerShoba Ravishankar

Wedding Photography

Squash Lime Creative  Wedding Cinemas

A time travel into Charnya and Arun Wedding.This is a wedding story we loved writing and wanted it to be a surprise for Charnya on her Wedding Anniversary.

If you wish to surprise your friend or partner on the wedding anniversary, Submit the wedding stories here.

Tell about your love story!

Arun found me through matrimony and we started talking to each other through Whatsapp -> Facebook -> Skype -> in person.🙂After 6 months when we knew that we were meant to be together we told our parents who were thrilled

Describe your wedding planning process.

It was a 3-day Brahmin wedding. Since my nakshatra is Karthigai we took Murugan’s vaganam(vehicle) as our theme.
From invites to decor to return gifts everything had Peacocks.

Let us about you wedding Invite?

We got a caricature of us drawn and designed the invite, for friends.For others, we had a peacock themed invite.

South Indian WeddingWe heard there was a surprise proposal! do tell us about that?

Arun proposed to me on the beach and had arranged photographer which I didn’t know initially. Even after seeing them I thought it was only photos. In the sangeet, they played the video as a surprise!!! (Scroll down for the proposal video)

Give us a detailed tour of your 3-day wedding.

So each event we had a different type of cuisine and we had dressed accordingly. There were over 22 different chefs who cooked throughout the 3 days.We also had a handmade Gollu display of all the rituals from the 3 days for ppl who didn’t know the rituals.

South Indian Wedding1. Veradham

Telgu style, yellow saree, breakfast was Andra style !! We had a crazy photo shoot after that We even stopped the van and got vegetable for the wedding and took pics with it.I entered the Veradham with a peacock fan.

 South Indian Wedding

 2. Engagement

This was Kanada style, Green saree, and Karnataka tiffin Arun’sfriendsa got me under a poo pandal for the first time and after changing the saree my friends got me in.

South Indian Wedding

3. Sangeet

North Indian style, Lehenga, North Indian cuisine and all women wore Anarkalis and men wore kurtas. It was a great day of dancing.Like the movie 3 idiots, I entered the hall in a yellow color Vespa.

South Indian Wedding4. Kasi yatra

Tamil style dressing with Tamil Nadu breakfast.All women in madisar and all men in Veshti(Dhothi).My entry was with a Tirupathi swami Kodai with peacock feathers.

South Indian Wedding 5. Muhurtham

My entry was in a peacock pallaku with all Arun’srelativess welcoming me with diya.
 South Indian Wedding

6. Vilayadal and nalangu

We had uri like what Krishna would do etc in this
 South Indian Wedding

7. Reception

Gown and Tux – Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese, American and Indian food.
Entry in a peacock chariot !!! With surprise fireworks from dad.
South Indian Wedding

8. Kattusadam

Kerala style, Half white, and Golden color clothes, with some lip-smacking Kerala food.
South Indian Wedding
Why the world would end without MS Pink Panther Jewelry 2017-10-17T21:06:56+00:00

Why the world would end without MS Pink Panther Jewelry-this awe-inspiring jewelry we just found through our Instagram.It is indeed a great pleasure to be writing about this Jeweller. We Have always been a fan of their exquisite jewelry. They have these amazing pictures on their Insta page OMG!!! their page is just like Lays ” no can have just one “, you would want all. If you love jewelry then you just couldn’t have missed the Ms PinkPanther Jewel line.

See how their customers have reviewed them…

ms pink panther


wedding Jewellery


This Diwali Madrasi Bride with Ms Pink Panther Jewel  gives you

#EpicDiwaliGiveaway !!!

Ever wondered where do celebrities get their mesmerizing accessories from, well Ms Pink Panther jewels have adorned many celebrities and here are a few snippets from the long list …

1. Sonu Gowda


2. Rakul Preet Singh


3. Kiki Vijay


4. Nayantara


5. Shraddha Srinath


6. Shruthi Hariharan















The Top 5 Wedding Flower Choices 2017-10-16T11:01:25+00:00

Are you having trouble deciding on the flowers for your wedding? There are thousands of different choices after all, and you want your day to look and feel perfect. Event experts The Events Group put together this list of the top 5 wedding flower choices to give you some ideas on how to make your wedding even more special.


Roses are the quintessential wedding flower, considered to be symbols of love and beauty. The flower has long been used as a metaphor for love and – while it might be a little obvious – the rose is as beautiful and fragrant as any other flower out there. They don’t need to be red roses either, so you can still have some variety while going for the “obvious” choice. There are even unscented roses if you want to avoid overpowering smells. With so many different varieties of roses, there’s no harm in going the classic route.


Tulips are representative of happy years and consuming love, making them appropriate for a wedding. There are a range of colors available including pink, peach, yellow, red, purple, and magenta. Tulips are generally affordable, but you will have to pay a little extra for the really rare varieties. Tulips are versatile enough to work in any setting an in any permutation; whether they are being used as bouquets or table arrangements.

Calla Lily

The calla lily is a trumpet-shaped blossom also called the arum lily. It originates from Africa and, in the language of flowers, tells of magnificent beauty. The calla has a distinctive look that has been used as part of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and modern photography. There are two common types of calla lily; a variety with a large head and a smooth stem for tall arrangements, and the miniature version for boutonnieres and nosegays. This lily comes in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and a creamy ivory.

Lily of the Valley

The ball-shaped florets of the lily of the valley have earned it the nickname the “ladder to heaven”. These tiny flowers release an unmistakable scent that would be welcome at any wedding. The flower is linked to the Norse Goddess of springtime Ostara. While the lily of the valley is most prominently available during the spring, it can be found during the rest of the year. For a price. While you may want to have a handful of them at your wedding, it’s much more affordable to get a few stems here and there to boost the fragrance of a bouquet.


The peony comes with a large, full head, a bright color, and a strong perfume. Even though peonies are bright and showy, they were considered to represent bashfulness in Victorian England. The peony has been cultivated in Asia for millennia and developed by the French and is available in two main varieties. These are the herbaceous and the tree peony. There is no doubting the beauty of a pure peony bouquet. It can also be used to create stunning arrangements and centerpieces.


Even though peonies and lily of the valley are no doubt beautiful, they are also quite expensive. Use tulips or roses for a more affordable and classic look, or go for the calla lily to get something in the middle.

Aishwarya Weds Rajesh 2018-01-06T13:49:51+00:00


The Candid Wedding memories of Aishwarya Reddy with Rajesh Reddy.At Elaan City, Bangalore.

Submit your wedding stories here.



6 Things you should learn from Samantha NagaChaithanya Wedding 2017-10-07T16:01:41+00:00

The internet is going gaga over Samantha  Chaithanya Wedding and we found these 6 things you can learn from Samantha Nagachaithanya Wedding.  Before going into the details we would like to thank Stories by Joeseph Radhik for the enchanted shots of this beautiful wedding.

So why Samantha Chaithanya wedding a big deal you ask?

They are a Reel to Real-life pair. Those who have seen Ye Maaya Chesave will know why.



She stole our hearts with her Custmozised  Engagement saree.





It’s a fairytale wedding.Here is what few celebrities wrote to the lovely couple on Twitter.




Here are the 6 things you can learn from Samantha Chaithanya wedding


Create a  hashtag for your wedding. This is a sweet idea to include the couple names and also helps in sharing and finding all the digital moments under one name.

chaisamKeep it simple jewelry


A welcome kit for the guests


PC: infinityplatter

Reviving traditions saree

It is said that the saree originally belonged to Chaitanya’s grandmother, Mrs. D Rajeshwari and Samantha decided to wear it as an ode to her fiance’s grandmother


Wear what suits you

chaysamAnd finally….don’t worry be happy!!!



Savitha Weds Kishore 2018-02-21T15:49:06+00:00

wedding venue


Sangeeth- Manipal county 

Wedding – White feather 

Wedding Photography


Gomtesh Upadhya

grooms dress

Groom's Dress

Sangeeth- Manipal county 

Wedding – White feather 

Brides dress

Bride's Dress

Wedding- Silhouette’sboutique   

Reception – Sabyasachi

wedding makeup

Make Up Artist

Wedding Mehadhi

Mehendhi Artist

Salma Mehendhi

Return favours

Return Gift

Silver Kum Kum Bowl

The Complete  Wedding Tale of Savitha Devraj Reddy with Kishore Reddy. We found Savitha’s wedding picture through a common friend on Facebook and she patiently detailed her wedding story for us.

Submit your wedding stories here.

Tell about your love story!

I and Kishore know each other from past 4 years .., as we both are car lovers, we both had met in one of the car expo through our mutual friend. And our life chain went like Friends-date-love-“arrange marriage” 😁 Thus created a long-lasting relationship. One thing which I really want to share is, I always wanted to marry a guy who’s into politics, and when I met Kishore for the first time he was not a political activist, just because I had the wish, he turned out to be one of the recognisable politicians in just a year of time without anyone’s support 😊. Just loved his ability and caliber and fell in love with him more.

Describe your wedding planning process.

I got engaged in the month of Nov and married in the month of May. As I always wanted a big fat Indian wedding, I had great ideas and plan to execute it in my wedding, and my brother was my strength who just took the entire events in charge and made all my dream come true. 3 productions wedding planner, they were really awesome and they have the best quality team which shows in their work and they are been awarded as one of the top 10 wedding planners in Karnataka. I always wanted a fairytale wedding and they executed it very well in my reception and sangeeth and a traditional type muhurtham.

Let us about you wedding Invite?

My invitation was really unique and we were the first one to make such unique card. The invite was a photo frame in which our photo was there and behind that, there was leaf which consists of the wedding events and the invite was absolutely reusable. After wedding people throw the card but when it comes to my wedding people just replace our pics and use the frame by putting their picture and surprisingly I still see my invite to be there in everyone’s house with our picture as it’s been kept as a showpiece in everyone’s house.

Your Wedding blouse was absolutely gorgeous, How did come up with the design?

Every gal’s dream is to look unique, mesmerizing and dashing on her D day, and even I had the same thing in my mind. As my sis is a Fashion designer and she also runs her boutique in the name of “The Silhouettes Boutique” And she’s the reason behind all my beautifully designed outfits! Other than my reception lehenga, which I bought it from Sabyasachi. Rest all my outfits were designed from my sis itself and one thing I wanna share about my blouse is we were the first people to introduce the gold coin blouse, in my blouse we used pure silver coins with gold plating along with the silver nakash Lakshmi and the blouse was the talk of the town and I am happy to be the first one to wear such designer blouse.

Wedding jewelry

When it comes to jewelry, my mum has a great knowledge about jewelry designs and she got most of my jewelry customised in Navrathan jewelry as per her ideas.

Most Memorable gift you got for your wedding?

Most memorable moment- when my dad gifted me a Merc in which the no. Of the car was 1819, which was my wedding date. And at the same thing, my husband gifted me a car In which the no.of the car was 1905. As I am a car lover. I was so much in shock looking at the number boards number which consists of our wedding date and I was into tears that moment.

What has surprised you most during the first few months of marriage?

The most memorable thing after my wedding is. I wanted to travel every month on 18th date as a month anniversary and explore new places and Kishore has just fulfilled my wish by taking me for the holiday every month and I have explored 11 countries In a year.

After Wedding Plans

We had been to explore Europe. And that was my dream to visit Europe with my love. So people who love to explore places and enjoy their honeymoon Europe is the best place especially Paris, Italy and Swiss.

When did you start planning for the Honeymoon?

Planned right after my engagement. Because visa process for European countries will take a lot of processes. So I advise people to plan it early so that you can fly as soon after your wedding.

Your advice to future couples who want to be there.

Plan and apply for the visa soon and go in the month of August.

What’s the best advice you can give a bride and groom planning their wedding?

I would always advise all the grooms out there to first understand ur wife’s wish and dreams and then have a discussion planning. So that they can come up with a beautiful wedding plan as per the brides and grooms dream. But in my case, Kishore just asked m to plan everything according to my taste and wish and even his parents encouraged me for that.

The Madrasi Brides guide for what to wear in a Mehendi Ceremony? 2017-09-17T17:20:45+00:00

The mehendi ceremony which was initially a part of the North Indian communities has now taken a Southern acceptance.  The fun ceremony has mehendi artists, Floral Jewelry, dancing and beautiful chilled out dressing.We have already discussed the Floral jewelry makers in Chennai. But what to wear on these functions? This is one crucial question you are going to face. But, you need not worry, Madrasi Bride has a few suggestions for you to get inspired from Pleatz.

We recently wrote about the best Mehandi artist in Chennai and realized that there ever not many great pictures of the bride during the mehndi ceremony. No matter how small the mehendi ceremony is, and even if it is held in your home with family and friends, it is still a very special day for you, and the moments will all be captured in photographs! So what to wear for your mehendi ceremony? So here comes your complete guide for the best Mehandi costume in Chennai.

Few basic tips for choosing what To Wear For Your Mehendi Ceremony?

As you need to be in the same dress till the mehendi dries and the ceremony completes.

  • Light fabrics and not too much work would be an ideal choice.
  • Choose dress colors that complement your complexion.
  • When it comes to hair, a neatly tied bun or braid would make it more comfortable for you to sit for hours. But, if you wish to leave your hair open, you can just pin-up the front section, so it does not keep bothering you on the face.


A safe and evergreen option lehengas are a go to choice for a Mehendi Ceremony. Even the classic Pavadai Thavani is a great dress for Mehandhi.

what to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendiSkirt n Top

It has all the drama of a lehenga and yet is a little light and always can be reused. You can even have an ankle length skirt if you love to adorn your legs with heavy Mehandi designs.

what to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendi


They look totally fab and with the right attitude, you can nail the look!

what to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendiAnarkalis

Anarkalis paired with palazzos is a happening dress for Mehendi Ceremony.

what to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendiSaree

The classic saree is also the best dress for the mehendi ceremony.

what to wear for mehendiwhat to wear for mehendi

Madrasi Bride and Pleatz Giveaway Alert!!!