7 useful Wedding Return Gifts

A wedding is an occasion when people shower couples with gifts. The guests take time out of their busy schedule to attend the wedding and bless the couple. You can reciprocate their warm gesture by selecting utility-based return gifts that not only makes your guests feel happy but also special and honored. The blog post discusses a list of 7 return gifts that will be a pleasure for your wedding guests.Giving them wedding return gifts is a small, yet significant token of appreciation and a way to thank them for their presence and participation in your wedding.

It is unwrapped only to see if it is worth passing on to someone else or not. Hence, from house to house it travels until it becomes too appalling to be ascended any further and thus ends in one store room, half unpacked. Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? But offlate the amount of time, value and usgae put in to buy a Wedding Return gift makes the guest feel like this

So,Here is a simple three step process to find the perfect Wedding Return Gift


They have taken time to be part of your speacila day. Apperciated the effort wwith some thought for a useful return gift


The return gift you must be persevered for a lifetime.


Your return gift must make your guests feel good.

If your wedding return  gifts makes the guest Appreciated,Memorable or Excited then it is surely you have nailed it!

Here are  7 Useful Wedding Return gits, that I thought might help you

1 Customized Dairy

Giving someone a Customized diary is one of the most useful gifts one could give anyone. People can use it in whichever way they like to. They can write a daily journal, or may be do their accounts work in it. It is one such gift which can be used by people of all age groups.

2 Honey/ Jam/ Homemade Eatables/ Dry Fruit

A basket full of wishes for good health is one of the healthiest gifts you could give as a wedding return gift. You can put in either one or many varieties of fruits as per your convenience. A fruit basket is one such gift that would cater to all age groups and kinds of people.

Return Gift

3 Jute Bag

Jute bags can be one of the most useful gifts to be given. One can use this handy piece to their office as well as for shopping. Giving a jute bag lends a hand in promoting the hand-loom industry as well as taking a step towards saving the environment.

Return Gift

4 DIY products

A decorative DIY set of mirrors with beautiful beads and colored threads makes for an easy and entertaining project for the family to bond over, and it’s easily available online as well.

Return Gift

5 Saplings

‘Give a gift which grows’.  What a beautiful way of gifting someone along with doing something for the environment as your wedding return gift. This will encourage your guests towards ‘going green’. Every day when your guests would look at the plant growing, it will remind them of you.  Gifting someone with a sapling is considered as a mark of prosperity as well.

Return Gift

6 Perfumes/Candles

With beautiful eyes, vibrant colors and a welcoming posture, this elephant candle holder is a unique decorative gift to give your guests on the wedding day. Whether used outdoors or on the mantelpiece, this stylish candle holder makes for a memorable gift.

Return Gift

7 Gift Card

With your guests’ list comprising of people of different ages and interests; it is very difficult to know of everyone’s choices. Thus in situations when you have a variety of visitors, gifting a gift voucher as a wedding return gift remains the best option. Your guests would hence be able to purchase whatever they like using the given voucher and give you lots of blessings.

 Return Gift

And finally, warping up the return gift is as important as picking one

Those were some of the useful return gifts for a wedding that you can give to your guests. Choosing return gifts for guests that are useful and unique is a tough task. It is advisable to plan in advance, to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

Just think what would want as a wedding return gift in an Indian Wedding. Let me know in the comments below.