7 breathtaking nethichutti or maang tikka styles from Indian brides

Wedding jewelry has always been an essential part of every Indian bride’s entire look. Everything ranging from something as small as a toe ring to as big as a necklace is equally important in making the bride look complete. And, among the various Indian bridal jewelry, one of the inevitable is the Nethichutti or maang tikka.It is a very important and beautiful piece of ornament worn on the forehead and gives a complete look to the bride. With a lot of Nethichutti or maang tikkas in trend, I am sure a lot of brides-to-be are confused about which type to adorn.So, before you pick up a Nethichutti or maang tikka for your wedding, let me tell you the significance of this magnificent piece of jewelry.

Significance of Nethichutti or maang tikka

Apart from being a bridal adornment, Nethichutti or maang tikka also denotes the union of two souls through the institution called marriage. The point, where the pendant of the Nethichutti or maang tikka falls is believed to be the place for the Ajna chakra. Represented by two petals, this chakra is symbolic of the sacred union of the male and the female in every aspect, including emotional, spiritual and physical level.



Different types of Nethichutti or maang tikka

There are a lot of beautiful and intricate designs of Nethichutti or maang tikka. So, here are some of the stunning designs of different styles of maang tikkas, which are worn by the Indian brides of different cultures.

Kemp Nethichutti or maang tikka

The traditional South IndianNethichutti is a mesmerizing combination of red and green stones and pearls. Elaborate and intricate, they enhance the bridal ensemble.


nettichuti or maang tikka

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neettichuti or maang tikka

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Single Nethichutti or maang tikka

Just a little nod to tradition, this petite maang tikka can work wonders for the bride looking to keep it simple. Let the chain lie on the parting or ask the hairstylist to conceal it in your hair.

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nettichuti or maang tikka

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Pendant Nethichutti or maang tikka

This Nethichutti or maang tikka contains a pendant in the center of your hair. It looks elegant on brides who want to go for a simpler look.

nettichuti or maang tikka

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nettichutti or maang tikka

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Layered Nethichutti or maang tikka

This thick and heavy ‘nawabi style’ Nethichutti or maang tikka is yet another hot favorite among the brides.  Embellished with a variety of stones, like crystals, rubies, diamonds, etc., the multi-tier matha patti makes a bride look no less than a queen.

nettichutti or maang tikka

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nettichuti or maang tikka

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Kundan work is traditional to the solah shringaar. This gorgeous maang tikka, crusted with uncut diamonds will be the perfect addition for a bride who wants her wedding jewelry set in Kundan.

nettichuti or maang tikka

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nettichuti or maang tikka

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nettichuti or maang tikka

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Jhoomar/ Paasa

A jhoomar or passa is the traditional ornament of a Muslim bride. This piece of maang tikka hangs on the left side of the forehead. Nowadays, this is also worn in addition to the regular one that falls on the center of the forehead. The collection comes in various designs, like fan shape, triangular design, round style, etc., and it adds a royal appeal to a bride’s look.

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bridal jewellery

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This stunning spherical Nethichutti or maang tikka is crafted in Meenakari with stones and diamonds. It is a traditional adornment in the Marwari community. Its name is derived from the jujube fruit, bor in Hindi. The Borla brings a touch of royalty to the Rajput bride.

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nettichuti or maang tikka


Few Special Nettichutti or Maang Tikka that we loved


nettichutti or maang tikka

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nettichuthi or maang tikka



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