24 things you should ask before hiring a wedding planner.

Featured Image: Our Wedding Sri Lanka

The 24 things you need to ask before hiring a Wedding Planner?

1. Do you have our wedding date open? Are you free to my wedding date?

2. Describe the toughest wedding you planned? How did you handle the situation?

3. How long have you been in this business?

4. How many weddings have you planned? Any recent ones that you can share.

5. How many clients do you have in a year? Are there any weddings in the same month as our wedding.

6. Is Wedding Planning your full-time job?

7. Have you planned any wedding like ours?

8. Should we book the vendor you recommend?

9. Will you be present at all the vendor meetings?

10. Will you bill us for all the Vendor Fees or Can we pay them ourselves?

11. If there is an issue with vendors before or after the will you handle them?

12. Will you handle every aspect of the Wedding Planning?

13. Will you be present on the day of the wedding or another planner? Do you have any assistants?

14. What time will you arrive and leave the wedding?

15. Do you have any package options?

16. Does any package include Honeymoon Planning?
What would be the charges for the same?

17. Will you help me find the perfect lengha/ Jewellery etc?What would be the charges for the same?

18. Once we book you.Do we need to sign a contract?

19. After we give the budget will you provide an itemized quote for the services?

20. How do you charge your service? Percentage of the total wedding cost/Commissions from Vendors /Fixed Fee.

21. What is the mode of payment? Do you accept Cheque/ Credit Card?

22. How much upfront (advance) payment must be made to book your service?

23. What is your refund or Cancellation policy?

24. Can you provide a portfolio or videos of weddings you have done? Can you provide a list of references?